quoteThe standing ovation from the large crowd was richly deserved…

                                                                                                                       – Bob Clark, Calgary Herald (More)


Bob Clark, in the Calgary Herald, July 15, 2005:


For her new creation, Matthews too has chosen carefully, building the emotional intensity of the work, losing ground, through a combination of complex passionate movement and a slow luminous score. The score is fashioned from the music of Thomas Tallis, Brahms and J.S. Bach, with important contributions from Calgary soundscape artist Dewi Wood.


Massively framed by set designer Scott Reid’s evocation of vertical steel plates and dramatically lit by lighting designer Harry Frehner, losing ground’s eight characters seem to be in a state of alert as they try to connect and re-connect – bodies bending then arching back, arms spreading in both supplicating and questioning gestures – to find their way back from loneliness and isolation. The powerful work was performed beautifully by the dancers, led by Tara Williamson and Daniel Marshalsay.The standing ovation from the large crowd was richly deserved by all concerned.

Rehearsal - Sabrina Matthews
losing ground - Alberta Ballet

Sabrina Matthews and Michael James

Photograph by Daniel Marshalsay, Courtesy of Alberta Ballet


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