Sabrina Matthews
Sabrina Matthews

Photograph by Charles Hope

Dance Experience

quoteSabrina’s always been like a muse for me

                                                   – Jean Grand–Maître, Alberta Ballet Artistic Director (More)

Bob Clark, in the Calgary Herald, March 27, 2005:


"Sabrina’s always been like a muse for me," says [Jean] Grand-Maâtre, the third artistic director… of the Company [Alberta Ballet].


Grand–Maître, who took over artistic leadership of the dynamic company in 2002, points out that Matthews played a major part in the choreographic conception for ballets such as Cinderella and Carmen, in which she danced the title roles, and Grand–Maître’s most recent full–length work, Dangerous Liaisons, in which she created the role of one of the young lovers, Cecile."


Feature Created Roles

Dangerous Liasons (2004/05 - Jean Grand-Maître)

Carmen (2004/05 - Jean Grand-Maître)

Cinderella (2003/04 - Jean Grand-Maître)

Le Spectre de la rose (2001/02 - Jorma Elo)

Blank Snow (2000/01 - Jorma Elo)

Much Ado... (1999/00 - Helgi Tomasson)

Chameleon (1998/99 - Julia Adam)

Carmen 1 - Sabrina Matthews
Carmen - Alberta Ballet

Sabrina Matthews and Kelly McKinley

Photograph by Ivan Karabobaliev, Courtesy of Alberta Ballet

Aerial (1998/99 - Ali Pourfarrokh)

Stars and Dust (1998/99 - Myriam Naisy)


Featured Roles

Vigil of Angels (2004/05 - Jean Grand-Maître)

Rivers Without Bridges (2003/04 - Margie Gillis)

Rodeo (2002/03 - Agnes de Mille)

Celestial Themes (2002/03 - Jean Grand-Maître)

Lady of the Camellias (2001/02 - Val Caniparoli)

Sans Detour (2000/01 - Dominique Dumais)

Midsummer 1 - Sabrina Matthews
A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Alberta Ballet

Sabrina Matthews and Patrick Canny

Photograph by Clay Stang, Courtesy of Alberta Ballet

A Midsummer Night's Dream (2000/01 - Christopher Wheeldon)

Of Noble Birth (1999/00 - Mark Godden)

Minor Threat (1998/99 - Mark Godden)

Les Nuits d’Été (1998/99 - Jean Paul Commelin)



National Ballet School of Canada (1987 - 1995)